The Erection Specialist 

The Erection Specialist – The (Maybe) World’s First  ‘Pick Your Own’ Poetry Adventure

A man from Gort want YOUR help to put up a Marquee. Will YOU help? And if YOU do, will YOU survive the day? Only YOU get to decide!

The Erection Specialist is (and perhaps the world’s first) ‘Pick Your Own’ poetry adventure, simultaneously a nostalgic paean to the stories of the 1980s and a modern ode to poetry’s power to put readers at the heart of a story. The core of the narrative challenges the reader to assume the mantle of a heroic protagonist, a protagonist challenged with completing the unlikely ‘quest’ of putting up a marquee. But as our protagonist – and YOU – traverses the collection’s labyrinthian structure, things soon transform. The quest changes shape, becoming something altogether more serious: the fight for the survival of your more poetic impulses in the face of a world’s pragmatic indifference. The Erection Specialist stands to redefine what understand what poetry can offer in the 21st century and beyond.

What People Are Saying About The Erection Specialist:

“The Erection Specialist by Niall Bourke is a riotous collection which toys with the retro fun of ‘xxxxxx your own adventure’ books. Bourke swaps the pleasantries of childhood fantasy for the dangers of the adult world. He cruises around a dismal seaside town in a van, cursing till the cows come home, sending up the various indignities of modern life, with all the energy and exuberance of a star in supernova.” – Charlie Bayliss

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"Genuinely reminiscent of William Gibson or Richard Matheson" The Sunday Times   

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